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 Authenticity in Learning Part I


Authenticity in Learning - An Introduction

When we talk about authenticity as it relates to learning at Keys, we are referring to learning that is connected rather than learning that is taught in isolation. Learning that is connected to our lives in some way has greater meaning, greater relevance, and is more fully incorporated into our current base of knowledge and worldview.

Learning becomes authentic when classroom learning and real life intersect and meld together. Bringing authentic experiences to the classroom helps to break down the perception that education is the preparation of students for a distant future, and instead emphasizes that real life is happening now, today, in this very moment.

This newsletter on “Authenticity in Learning” is divided into two parts. Part I focuses primarily on the creation of curriculum and examples of authenticity within the program. Part II (coming soon), will focus on the value of authenticity in helping students to see their place in the world as they develop their understanding of knowledge, perspective, and empathy.

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