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Minds on – An Introduction

We do not always stop to think about what we mean, specifically, when we say “hands-on learning.” We have an idea that it entails action and engagement. We know that it does not look passive - it is not rows of children sitting at desks, staring at a whiteboard and listening to a teacher. “Hands-on” conjures up images of children building, creating, making – their bodies actively involved in the process of learning. But not all hands-on activities result in learning. Over time, our use of the phrase “hands-on learning” has also come to encompass the act of being mentally engaged – minds–on. When we talk about “minds-on learning,” we are referring to the active involvement of our brains in the process of learning, thinking critically and manipulating concepts, and of the conscious act of becoming aware of, and smart about, our thinking.

While belief in the importance and power of critical thinking has always been a tenant of teaching at Keys, as a school we have re–embraced this topic in light of its renewed relevance for students today. As we look to the future, we are more aware than ever of the importance of teaching our students to be critical, flexible and fearless thinkers who face the world with minds turned on.

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