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Keys School Board of Trustees

As an independent school accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), Keys School is governed by an elected Board of Trustees. The Board holds four primary responsibilities, which drive the strategic and financial health of the school.

  1. The Board is the guardian of the school's mission. It is the Board's responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves and to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission.
  2. The Board of Trustees undertakes a formal long-term strategic planning process every 3–5 years, sets annual goals based upon the strategic plan, and conducts annual written evaluations for the school, the head of school, and the Board itself.
  3. The Board selects, supports, nurtures, evaluates, and sets appropriate compensation for the Head of School.
  4. The Board of Trustees provides financial stewardship for the school, for both the financial stability and the financial future of the institution, engaging in strategic financial planning, assuming primary responsibility for the preservation of capital assets and endowments, overseeing operating budgets, and participating actively in fund raising.

The Keys School Board of Trustees meets regularly during the school year. Notes from the meetings are posted on the KeysNet portion of the Keys website. The Board also communicates with the school community through the Keys Newsletter, presentations at Keys School Association (KSA) meetings, and letters to the entire school community. On occasion, the Board of Trustees holds informational meetings to discuss strategic issues.

The Board has standing committees that meet to work toward achievement of annual Board goals and the school's strategic plan. Standing committees include Executive, Finance, Facilities Planning, Development, and Trustee. On occasion, the Board may establish an ad hoc committee to address topics of strategic importance.

Board of Trustees 2015-2016

Jesse Johnson, Board chair
Ramesh Rajagopal, Vice-chair
Steve MacKay, Vice-chair/Site
Molly Forstall, Vice-chair/Development
Rodrigo Liang, Secretary
Jung Choi, Treasurer
Alona Scott, Head of School
Andreas Stavropoulos, Past chair

Lisa Bourgeault
Farah Brelvi
Tony Carrasco
Huifen Chan
Laura Ching
Carolyn Choi
Ella Duncanson
Melanie Erasmus
David Fischer
Venky Ganesan
Anne Jaquith
Elaine Leff
Jonathan Manson
Emily Pollard, KSA Representative
John Schafer
David Webster

Keys School - Lower Campus · 2890 Middlefield Road · Palo Alto, CA · 94306
Keys School - Middle Campus · 3981 El Camino Real · Palo Alto, CA · 94306

Phone: 650-328-1711