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Living Our Mission

Keys School's mission is at the heart of everything we do at Keys School, and faculty, staff and students live the mission every day.

8th grade trial.8th Grade Trial: Students have numerous opportunities to engage in public speaking and performance. Class plays begin in 1st grade and occur at each grade level. Eighth graders argue relevant issues during their annual mock trial.

Buddy Day for the 8th Grade and Kindergarten. November 2007.Buddies: Cross-grade level buddy programs keep our middle school students grounded by providing them with opportunities to connect with younger students. Additionally, the lower school students benefit from having an older student to share experiences, look up to and play with.

6th grade Baylands outdoor ed trip.Outdoor Ed: Students interact with and learn to honor the environment beginning in Kindergarten through our Outdoor Education program. Respect, wonder and awe for nature and all its inhabitants is fostered both on and off campus, through gardening and stewardship, during field trips and overnight camping excursions.

Bridges project, January 2008.Bridges: Much of our curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature. Throughout the grade levels, thematic projects tie together many different subjects. Our 6th graders study the physical and metaphorical concept of bridges, and create poetry, art, research and models showing their understandings.

Indian festival day.Multi-culturalism / Globalism: Through a multi-faceted lens, students share and learn about different cultures, customs and traditions around the world. From country studies in the Spanish curriculum, to the sharing of holidays and customs, students are exposed to a rich global tapestry.

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