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A Letter from the Head of School

Welcome to Keys School!

As we celebrate our fortieth year, we proudly embrace our mission to create a diverse and supportive community which encourages children to love learning, to take intellectual risks, to act as global citizens, and to treat others with respect and empathy.

The word “education” is derived from Latin “educere” meaning to draw forth. At Keys, our faculty understand that we are drawing children out to become excited about the world of ideas. Hands-on exploration allows students to make connections between prior knowledge and new discoveries; consequently, at Keys, learning is meaningful - the quest for understanding is a joyful journey. Walk through our hallways and hear the buzz of conversation and the sounds of delight!

Keys teachers understand that our role is to draw out not only children’s minds, but also their hearts. We aspire to help students become confident, compassionate, and self-aware. At Keys, we carry the hope that the children in our classrooms today will grow up to become leaders who have the knowledge and discipline to work collaboratively to change the world for the good of humankind.

While the pages of our website reveal much, the magic of Keys happens on campus in the real moment-by-moment interactions between students and students and between students and teachers. I invite you to come visit - just be prepared that you’ll want to stay!

Alona Scott

Keys School - Lower Campus · 2890 Middlefield Road · Palo Alto, CA · 94306
Keys School - Middle Campus · 3981 El Camino Real · Palo Alto, CA · 94306

Phone: 650-328-1711