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The library plays a central role within the Keys community and academic program. With over 10,000 resources, it serves as an informational hub for students and teachers alike. As importantly, it offers a welcoming place to curl up with a good book and simply experience the joy of reading.

Lower School students attend weekly classes designed to help them develop an appreciation for books and the role of the library in gaining knowledge. Students learn to navigate the library's collection, access and evaluate print and online information, and discuss, critique, and respond to books in imaginative ways. Middle School students receive in-depth instruction and research support through an integrated approach. The librarian works closely with faculty to weave library and research skills across disciplines and support individual project work, helping students to acquire, use, and evaluate information more effectively. Becoming savvy and ethical users of information is a key goal of the program and a critical lifelong skill for navigating an information-saturated society.

Highlights of the program include:


  • » Learn citizenship rules and procedures
  • » Develop awareness of library terminology and organization
  • » Listen to read-alouds from a variety of genres
  • » Respond to literature using art, puppets, dramatics, discussion
  • » Locate and explore picture book and easy reader collections

First Grade

  • » Learn terminology of authors and illustrators
  • » Use alphabetical order to locate books
  • » Identify features of fiction and non-fiction texts
  • » Locate and explore chapter book and fairy tale collection
  • » Connect to stories through the arts

Second Grade

  • » Locate and explore biography collection
  • » Learn literary terms (characterization, parodies)
  • » Use online catalog to locate library materials
  • » Access information through online encyclopedia
  • » Read and respond creatively to works of poetry

Third Grade

  • » Write letters to authors in response to books
  • » Learn literary terms (characterization, idioms)
  • » Create digital book trailers
  • » Locate and explore reference collection (dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia)
  • » Use print and online resources to conduct research

Fourth Grade

  • » Learn literary terms (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution)
  • » Evaluate websites for accuracy and reliability
  • » Research effectively using online and print resources
  • » Develop responsible research practices (plagiarism, paraphrasing, quotation)
  • » Serve as library stewards

Fifth Grade

  • » Create print bibliography by locating publisher, copyright, author
  • » Search for resources using online catalog
  • » Practice note taking strategies (paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting sources)
  • » Access online databases (Proquest, ABC Clio, Worldbook) for research
  • » Learn how to evaluate different resources (websites, databases, print resources)

Sixth Grade

  • » Develop strategies for gathering information from print and online resources
  • » Create online bibliographies using Noodletools
  • » Explore plagiarism and copyright issues
  • » Understand how to be ethical users of information
  • » Learn to take notes, summarize, and synthesize effectively

Seventh Grade

  • » Develop efficient and effective information-seeking strategies
  • » Evaluate the accuracy, objectivity, currency and relevancy of information
  • » Use search strategies to locate primary and secondary sources
  • » Complete research and writing projects with some guidance
  • » Learn to take notes, summarize, and synthesize effectively

Eighth Grade

  • » Use online note taking and bibliographic citation resourcess
  • » Learn how to create in-text citations
  • » Research, analyze, and synthesize information effectively
  • » Distinguish between opinion and fact and evaluate arguments
  • » Identify, narrow, and develop a plan of action for research questions
  • » Complete integrated research and writing projects with increased independence

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