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How We Teach

At Keys, students are honored for all that they are today, and all that they hope to become tomorrow. Through direct instruction and continual modeling, they develop a strong social-emotional foundation that allows them to develop empathy, resilience and perseverance. They also identify their individual learning strengths and how to best harness them. Social-emotional awareness allows for the development of secure and confident learners, and yields huge dividends in academic growth as students learn to rise to the necessary challenges and rebound from the inevitable mistakes that come with meaningful learning.

At Keys, students are asked to think, create, question, challenge and collaborate as they engage in authentic, extended inquiry. Teaching is meaningful, emphasizing “big ideas” and driving questions that recur across disciplines and which will be useful throughout a lifetime. Instruction is sequenced to harness student curiosity and promote discovery. It is also rigorous, purposeful and carefully scaffolded to build across and between grade levels. Open-ended discovery and project-based learning is complemented by more “traditional” instruction in reading, writing, grammar, spelling, computation, and problem solving building a foundation for increasingly advanced thinking and learning.

Keys teachers model collaboration and lifelong learning for students. They collaborate regularly, finding meaningful and authentic connections across classrooms, disciplines, languages and modalities. Much like the world that students will enter into upon graduation, Keys is a diverse, collaborative, and fluid environment. Students are valued and respected as essential contributors to Keys' vibrant learning community.

Keys School - Lower Campus · 2890 Middlefield Road · Palo Alto, CA · 94306
Keys School - Middle Campus · 3981 El Camino Real · Palo Alto, CA · 94306

Phone: 650-328-1711