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Academic Success

Keys students demonstrate academic success in a variety of ways. From quantitative measures including strong ERB test scores and placement into the best public and private high schools in the area, to qualitative representations including independence of thought and self-directed learning, Keys students achieve great success in all aspects of learning.

To this end, Keys fosters the following habits of mind: intellectual curiosity; creative expression; moral reasoning; and empathy for others. Keys expects its students to engage in a system of thinking that involves articulating ideas and making informed decisions by hypothesizing, connecting, analyzing, using evidence, and evaluating significance and perspective. Our educational program encourages students to be self-aware, competent, life-long learners.

Keys School - Lower Campus · 2890 Middlefield Road · Palo Alto, CA · 94306
Keys School - Middle Campus · 3981 El Camino Real · Palo Alto, CA · 94306

Phone: 650-328-1711